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  • Promote economic and social prosperity to influence the growth and development of Aberdeen, Maryland, and

  • Advocate for the business and professional community and set our members thoughts and ideas into action.

Our membership continues to grow and develop as we seek new adventures, expansions and new ways of working.

Come be part of our organization, making your business and the Aberdeen community prosperous and strong.

Let’s welcome our newest member to the Chamber:

Velocity Appearl Inc.


Aberdeen began as a farming community in 1720, when Charles Calvert, the fifth Lord Baltimore, granted 1,140 acres of fertile land to Edward Hall. Today, Aberdeen is your Home of Opportunity located in the prime Mid-Atlantic region minutes from Baltimore, Washington DC, Wilmington, DE, and Philadelphia. Aberdeen has world-class schools, stable and fast rail and highway transportation, and is the home of the US Army's foremost technology center, Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

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